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Create-A-Cryptid Event

October 13, 2020 by Posted in: Uncategorized

An all-ages event! Create your own cryptid (examples are Bigfoot and Mothman) and share it with others. When creating your cryptid, here are some helpful things to consider: Appearance, including size, color, and what it resembles, what it sounds like, and where it is found. You might also include when this cryptid has been sighted, and any oddities about the creature.

When you have decided on this, capture your creations through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, or any medium you might wish to use. Then photograph the results and post them in Parkersburg & Wood County Library’s Event Discussion section for the Create a Cryptid program. (Be sure to post to the Library’s page, not another page where the event was shared.)

We will accept submissions through October 31st. A Live Facebook Event on November 6th will feature all of the photos we have received. Join in the fun and tell your friends about this event!