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New Books September 26, 2019

NEW MATERIALS LIST – UPDATED September 26, 2019 To have this list emailed to you when it is updated, please go to NEW MATERIALS EMAIL LIST, and click on subscribe. NEW MATERIALS (3 entries) NAME # OF RECORDS 1 New Fiction, Paperbacks and Graphic Novels 187 1 New Non Fiction 158 3 All New Materials […]

Burn the Books! (Again, please don’t actually do this…)

The Parkersburg and Wood County Library is celebrating the American Library Association’s annual Banned Books Week! This year you can come by our Emerson Avenue Branch to check out an interactive display, or attend the South Parkersburg Branch’s Read-A-Thon on September 23rd from 10am-8pm. As you sit down to read or listen to your next book, […]

Control the Books! (Not really: Information wants to be free.)

Beginning November 1, 2019, Macmillan Publishers will allow libraries to purchase only one copy of each new eBook title for the first eight weeks after a book’s release.  This means WVREADS would only be able to get one copy for over 34,000 active users (that is for 66 library systems across the state of WV). Usually the […]

Censor The Books! (Actually Please Don’t…)

Each year, the American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) records hundreds of attempts by individuals and groups to have books removed from libraries shelves and from classrooms. The OIF tracked 347 challenges to library, school and university materials and services. Overall, 483 books were challenged or banned in 2018. A challenge is […]

Remembering 9/11

  For those of us who experienced September 11, 2001 as a current event, our world was altered. We can clearly remember where we were when we learned the news. For younger Americans who were either not yet born or not old enough to understand, 9/11 is a hugely important historical marker. Eighteen years later, […]