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Burn the Books! (Again, please don’t actually do this…)

September 22, 2019 by Posted in: Uncategorized

The Parkersburg and Wood County Library is celebrating the American Library Association’s annual Banned Books Week!

This year you can come by our Emerson Avenue Branch to check out an interactive display, or attend the South Parkersburg Branch’s Read-A-Thon on September 23rd from 10am-8pm.

As you sit down to read or listen to your next book, take a minute to be thankful that you can read as you choose.

We thought it would be “fun” to show you some of the labels and insults people have applied to these books over the years in an attempt to control what other people may or may not read.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; thousands of books are banned or challenged every year in the United States in the present day.

dust jacket

“Unsuitable.” “Sexually explicit.”

dust jacket

“Encourages disobedience.”
“Racially offensive”

dust jacket

“Anti-white.” “Excess vulgar language,

sexual scenes, and centered

around negative activity.”

dust jacket

“Propoganda.” “Too sexual.”

Declared ‘non-mailable’ by

the U.S. Post Office in 1940

dust jacket

“Talks about parts of the body.”

“Vulgar” “Offensive language.”

“Sexual themes.”

dust jacket

“References to ‘whores.'”

Banned in 1972 by Ohio School Board.

“Offensive humor and language.”

dust jacket

“Profane.” “Vulgar language.”

“Racially offensive.”

dust jacket

“Appalling!” “Offensive.”

“Sexually Explicit.”

dust jacket

“This book is full of filth!”

“Vulgar.” “Profane.”

“Sexual references.”

dust jacket

“The F-word is written 28 times,

and the C-word makes one appearance.

The S-word? 18 times!” “Expresses atheistic beliefs.” 

dust jacket

“Problem book.”

“Encourages revolts.”

“Indecent.” “Communist.”

dust jacket

“Too radical.” “Socialist.”

Burned by Nazis!

dust jacket

“Vulgar.” “Scandalous.”

“Inappropriate sexual references.”


dust jacket

“Alcohol usage.” “Vulgar.”

“Sexual content.”

“Immoral.” “Profane.”

dust jacket

“Anti-Italian.” “Sex novel.”

Burned by Nazis in 1933.

dust jacket

“Profane and anti-Catholic.”

“Many profane and obscene

references, vulgar Spanish words,

and glorifies witchcraft and death.”

dust jacket

“Violence.” “Cursing.”

“Negative view of religion.”

“Underage sex.”

dust jacket

“Blasphemous.” “Obscene.”

“Dangerous to the morals of youth.”

dust jacket

“Pornographic, offensive, and

vulgar.” ~Charleston, WV, 2000.

“Criticizes U.S. government policies.”

“Encourages draft-dodging.”

dust jacket


“Inappropriate for curriculum.”


dust jacket

Sacrilegious.” “Heretic.”

“The work of the devil.”

Burned outside London in 1988.

dust jacket

“Filthy, trashy sex novel!”

“Offensive language.”

“Unsuitable.” “Graphic.”

dust jacket

“Completely sick.”


dust jacket

“Troubling ideas about race

relations, man’s relationship

to God, African history,

and sexuality.”

“Rough language.” “Explicit.”

dust jacket

“Coarse language and dialect.”

“God’s name used in vain.”



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